Åndedrætsværn (Breathing exercise). I had absolutely nothing.

Now I do it every day.

For 15 years.

I was told by an Expert who convinced me to let my Åndedrætsværn (breathing) see a graph. Without exercise I’m breathing 15 times a minute, and my heartbeat 55. In its exercise my breath frequency 7 and my heart rate drops to 42.

The Åndedrætsværn (breathing exercise) improves my sports performance.

The exercise that I do is simple:

Breathe in (through the nose)
Exhale (through the nose)

I do not pause as long as possible, but as long until I again need to breathe again.

With a simple heart rate monitor you can see if this exercise works. Drop your heartbeat? Then it goes well. Do not have a heart rate monitor? Then you feel without saying whether it is pleasant or not.

Does not it feel nice to breathe through your nose, you can well do the following exercise:

Inhale (through your nose)
Exhale through your mouth, lengthening your exhalation

This exercise feels more comfortable? Fine, then do it.

But soon I notice many other benefits of exercise.

7 reasons to do a Åndedrætsværn (breathing exercise):

1. You recover faster from a quiet breathing
Running costs energy. Simply because appeals energy supplies while you walk. After walking recovery you again. Your body will take the energy levels and replenish – if you are recovering well – makes your body some extra energy. And you will.

This is called super compensation.

See chart below

Super Compensation Åndedrætsværn (breathing)

The quality of your recovery will determine whether you will better your workout.

You gonna sit right after running stressed the computer and eat two packets of biscuits, then you do not repair. The engine is on and goes out.

Do you immediately after you round a breathing exercise, then drop your heart rate and your recovery much faster.

2. You sleep better
Long night I was worrying. In high school I was sometimes awake for two nights for a French test. Zenuwpezige a boy I was. The breathing exercise that changed. Now I sleep when I want. And I sleep through the night.

Breathing before bed

3. You run better
Also during walking is a breathing exercise delightful.

Sometimes I forget the exercise.

I’m in a hurry. I’m just too long at my computer and I threaten not to be on time for my appointment course in Amsterdam. Yet I still stop by the bakery because my son tomorrow otherwise has no bread to take to school.


Two minutes late I sign. And I still have to change. Hunted I agree to leave five minutes in to the group. No time for a breathing exercise. It takes at least fifteen minutes before I’m in a good rhythm. And after a short sprint my breathing lasting high.

No. Really nice walk is not.

With a breathing exercise my training very different. Within a minute, I have to pack a nice walking pace. My breathing suits my running speed. And after a sprint is my breathing and heart rate quickly quiet again.

Breathing for walking

4. You walk faster
Yet a quiet breathing is not just for relaxation, I also harder to walk.

I walk firmly by: 4’20 per kilometer. My heart rate: 172 beats per minute. I do a breathing exercise. And what I see; my heart sinks. My speed remains 4’20 per kilometer, but my heart rate drops to below 170. I still renew my breath. And my heart sinks further, even to below 165.

A lower heart rate at the same speed is the greatest thing to have a runner. I am efficient with my energy reserves and yet I run as hard.

5. You have more focus
A simple breathing exercise also saves me while writing Verademing. Without breathing exercise was that book was not there at all.

In 2008 my son one year and I have just started their own business. With difficulty I love my diary empty on Fridays. To write.

At such a writing day, I snuggle in a quiet spot. Laptop and a cup of tea. The first paragraph of the day is always easy, which I quickly shake off my sleeve.

But after the first paragraph I fall silent regularly. How do I want more?

That’s a dangerous moment.



With great difficulty I have kept quite all Friday to write a book. Then I have of course no sports moments of view 20 years ago. I must write.

By doing the breathing exercise, when I want to check my mail, I keep paying attention to my book.

I watch knowingly two minutes on my breathing and I continue to write.

6. You fall kilos off
I get three kilos while writing Verademing. I exercise less and eat more filled cakes. Result: 61 kg instead of 58 (yes, I’m only 1m68).

For me it’s simple. More exercise and less food.

That is for most people so.

Yet there is a group that is moving more and start eating healthier, that does not fall off. Too rapid breathing can disrupt the metabolism. The fat stored in your body is no longer recognized as a fuel.

Prof . Dr Hans Keizer took all lifestyle diseases even in one sentence:

An unhealthy body is no longer able to mobilize fats as a fuel

Quiet breathing affects your metabolism. By quietly breathing you speak your energy efficient fat as fuel anymore.

9. Fats and sugars jpeg

7. You do not have a headache after running
Headache effort. Many runners suffer from it, the cause is not known. However, it is clear that a lack of oxygen plays a role.

And thus can help a breathing exercise.

Feel a headache coming on? Try a two-minute breathing exercise. After two minutes you already know if your headache has to do with your breathing. Remains the same pain? Then it’s something else. Feel you pull away the headache? Then it is breathing.

The breathing exercise while walking is different

A breathing exercise while walking
During the walk you can fine breathe through your mouth. The only thing I watch is deliberately prolonging my breath. I do my cheeks were bulging slightly during exhalation. Without someone walking next to me anyway notice what I do, so no sound.

During the walk you can check or hit the exercise with a simple heart rate monitor. Lowered heart rate? Then it is catching on.

To know more about Åndedrætsværn visit http://www.noisetrade.com/ashleywright